It’s campaign season already?

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  1. So true … every time she comes on here (telling us how evil Mark Pryor is), I have to leave the room or risk having to buy a new TV. My wish is that any acting jobs she books from now on are for villains who get what’s coming to them in the end. What bothers me even more is how AFP has fooled so many poor people into furthering an agenda which ultimately helps only those with the money to buy extra votes. It really shakes my faith in humanity.
    And the chocolates probably would be poisoned … or she would have licked them all first.

  2. I forget what show it was (Maddow?), but it had several clips of her doing this bit in several parts of the country. It’s bad enough when celebrities we like are on TV selling some product or other – after all, we all know that they probably don’t even use the product – but actors being paid to “sincerely” endorse one side of a political argument just makes me sick. And with the recent supreme court ruling on contribution limits, I suspect we’ll be seeing much, much more like it.

    I’m with blooper0223. What little faith I had in humanity is evaporating fast!

    1. Our local media as well as the opposition have been quick to point out that this woman is an actress. Beats me why that should be necessary. I’ve always assumed “actor” or “paid endorser” unless somebody tells me otherwise.

  3. Several things: (1) her eyes are not fully open, as if someone has told her to “look gentle”;
    (2) Her voice is deliberately soft so as to avoid any ham-fisted spruiking;
    (3) Her opening point is nauseating, to start off with – and so FALSE !
    I believe I could find several more … but why bother ? – you are absolutely right Susan: and she is a puppet being operated.

  4. As “Blooper” has already informed you we have been dealing with this woman defacing our television screens for sometime now. And this past week we have had two more similar ads infect the local airways, all complaining about the loss of their current insurance and blaming it on Obama and Mark Pryor.

    I’ll tell you one thing, it has definitely cured one of my fetishes, not that I wanted to be cured – I no longer have a thing for redheads…. 😕

  5. I totally agree with you! And it is only going to get worse with the Supreme Court decision on 4/2/14. Now the “little person” will not have a voice! Big money will be able to buy elections. Although, the Koch bros. and Rove did not do so well in 2012, did they? Got to keep the Grassroot’s Campaigns alive!

    1. Colorado is a battleground state. Registered voters are equally divided Dems, GOP, and unaffiliated. Ripe for the picking by whomever spends the most money here. It was awful in 2012 and I expect worse this year. I just hope the moderate Dems can prevail again, because the GOP here is a bunch of Tea Party extremists. (And the Supreme Court is out of its mind.)

  6. I don’t know, she doesn’t bother me – though the ad is a little funny energy-wise. Of course the ad isn’t running in my state, so I’m not seeing it repeatedly either.

    One correction though, Americans for Prosperity is not funded by the Koch brothers. It’s a non-profit that survives on donations from grassroot conservatives – it’s not bankrolled by anybody. Good grief if the Koch brothers funded everything they’re accused of funding they wouldn’t be able to afford toilet paper.

    But on the topic of wealthy people funding groups, movements, etc, do you have a problem with this guy? See, cuz I kind of do have a problem with him because he funds MoveOn, and various other groups who try to affect elections, laws and people’s opinions.

    That being said it’s all just politics – granted a dirty game but one we’re all involved in one way or the other. I mean, crap if we didn’t get to complain about the other side it just wouldn’t be any fun, right? 🙂

    And yeah, to answer your question it is campaign season already – mid-terms hit this November which is only seven months away. So we’ll be seeing tons of political ads both local and national. A mute button is good to have during these times that try our souls. 🙂

    1. AFP was founded by the Koch brothers, David Koch is CEO of the AFP Foundation, and if you want to split hairs, I’m willing to amend my statement to say AFP is partially funded by the Koch brothers. I dislike the Kochs for the same reason you dislike Soros — they fund AFP and “various other groups who try to affect elections, laws and people’s opinions.” The difference is I don’t like Soros either. He’s another one of those people I was referring to in the last graph of my post.

      “… only seven months away.” Seven months of hell in this battleground state. That insipid woman above is on TV about 50 times a day here and my phone is already ringing with campaign-related robocalls calls. I try to be grateful that it’s not yet a perpetual, non-stop year ’round thing, but we’re getting perilously close to that.

  7. The SCOTUS has twice determined 5 to 4 recently that professionally-produced political messages are a form of speech subject to the first amendment. They also ruled that corporations have the rights of people in that regard. I don’t like it. People with the resources to pay professionals, people like the Koch brothers and, yes, George Soros, can buy political influence, particularly with what Gunta calls “low-information voters”. Leni Riefenstahl started the modern version of it and there’s no going back. Money will find a way. There is irony aplenty in the plot, however. The 2012 digital video clip of Mitt Romney bad-mouthing the 47% was more effective than anything paid for.

    My advice, PT: get a DVR and skip the commercials. That’s what I do. 🙂

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