Squirrel! (video)

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  1. I saw this yesterday and thought it hilarious. Not being a fan of “tree rats” I thought what a pair the two of us would make. Although I am not an expert in the field of dog languages, I’m fairly sure I caught the jest of what he or she was saying! 🙂

  2. i’m in love!
    oh little rocco! actually if they didn’t tell about the squirrel part… you’d almost think he’s singing!
    thanks pied type! gave me a big grin.

  3. Loved the Squirrel Song, but you should have seen my pup spring to attention and do that tilting her head from side to side. She NEVER responds to stuff on the computer like that! I’ll have to play it for her every now and then. 😀

  4. Oh my! I clicked in for 7 seconds and my 3 dogs went berserk when they heard the spaniel on the youtube so I clicked out right away. Here’s the weird bit about that. They don’t vocalize or show any interest in squirrels as long as they climb the posts and stay on the rails. If they dare to transgress onto the deck surface then they growl and bark which gives me time to make sure they don’t “harvest” a squirrel. None of them fancy cats and that’s okay with us. We aren’t going to replace our last cat who lived in the studio for 17 years with another cat. The 3 little canine clowns are enough for us.

    1. I once had a golden retriever who learned that creeping-stopping-creeping got him closer to the squirrels than barking and charging. He’d get as close as he thought he could, or until he couldn’t stand the squirrel’s taunting anymore, and then he’d charge. He came real close a couple of times, but never actually caught one.

      1. My uncle’s Lab was a creep like that. We used to be amazed at how cat-like he would become when squirrels were around. It’s the same thing your describe and no one remembered Jet actually catching a squirrel either.

      2. Thunder could creep really close. Just 2 or 3 bounds away. But the squirrel was always quicker and got back up the tree, sometimes with just inches to spare.

  5. Hilarious video – gotta send that on. Our cat does a much softer version when watching birds out the window – until can’t stand it and hast to whack with paws.
    We had a westie once that somehow managed to actually grab the tails off squirrels (and he had a stash of them)…there were bobbed tailed squirrels roaming the neighborhood.

      1. Your’s is so sharp, I’m feeling a bit dingy….but too lazy a this point…but summer is looong and hot here. (looking for rental place/cabin that will allow dog for a couple of weeks…maybe trying out place to load up and jump to…must have trails)

      2. Never seriously looked for a rental allowing dogs. But surely there are pet friendly places available. If not in Estes, because it’s so close to the park, perhaps in Allenspark or some other nearby community that’s not so “park oriented.” Or did you mean someplace close to home? ‘Fraid I can’t help with that.

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