Putin: The slips don’t lie

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

In addition to being a pompous, power-hungry president rooted in last-century politics, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been caught lying through his teeth. That, or some mischievous hacker gained access to one of his official websites.

Paul Roderick Gregory over at Fortune posted this story yesterday:

Putin Accidentally Posts Real Crimean Election Results; Only 15% Voted For Annexation

You’ll recall there was an election in March to decide whether Crimea should be annexed by Russia. The Kremlin dutifully reported an 83% turnout, with 97% voting for annexation, and 82% of Crimeans voting for annexation.

However, posted on the President of Russia’s Council on Civil Society and Human Rights website and since taken down was a report saying the turnout was 30%, with 50% of Russians voting for annexation, and only 15% of Crimeans voting for annexation.


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  1. Surprise? Putin keeps missing every opportunity to get into the history books as a great leader. He could be enhancing his country’s image in many ways. Two of the most important could be cooperation with others on nuclear disarmament and fighting global terrorism. Instead, he seems hellbent on acting as a terrorist, using deceit and threats as weapons. Strange man. Too bad he’s in charge of what could be a great nation at just the wrong time.

  2. Way back in the 70s, my sister-in-law had this vicious little Chihuahua that barked its head off and went for my ankles every time I came anywhere near. Putin appears way more polished in his thousand dollar suits, but I’m still reminded of that dangerous little dog whenever I see him!

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