Israeli radio refuses ad naming dead Gazan children


There are Israeli civilians objecting to their government’s tactics in Gaza but they are, at least in part, being silenced.

One example is B’Tselem’s effort to get an ad on the air. B’Tselem describes itself as The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. According to Wikipedia, it is a non-governmental Israeli organization founded by a group of prominent Israeli lawyers, academics, journalists, and members of the Knesset. Its goals are “to document human rights violations in the occupied territories, combat denial and help to create a human rights culture in Israel.” The organization wants to run a radio spot listing the names and ages of some of the children killed in the current Israeli bombing of Gaza, but the Israeli Broadcast Authority (IBA) refuses to allow the ad. B’Tselem has filed a petition with the High Court of Justice to force IBA to run the ad.

The dispute goes something like this —


B’Tselem, which is based in Jerusalem but has repeatedly accused the Jewish state of “occupation” and “apartheid,” said it wanted to “encourage public debate” about the human cost of the conflict, because “Israeli media is barely covering the story.”

And from The Jerusalem Post:

According to B’Tselem, the Israeli media has stayed far away from naming or coverage of Palestinian casualties, focusing heavily on Israeli casualties, and at most quoting statistics on the overall number of Palestinians killed.

In that vein, B’Tselem said that allowing its ad to run would finally create some balanced coverage.

In a letter rejecting the ad, IBA said:

The subject of the ad alone “could strengthen the Palestinian claim that Israel is responsible for their deaths, precisely at a time when Israel has claimed that Hamas is responsible for civilian deaths [in Gaza] because it placed weapons and missiles amidst a civilian population.”

In the U.S., at least, it is understood that media outlets have the right to refuse advertising, so it would seem B’Tselem may not have much of a case. However, there are no restrictions on Pied Type. Therefore, from the B’Tselem website, here is the list of more than 150 children up to age 15 killed in Gaza from the beginning of Operation Protective Edge on July 8 to July 21, 2014. The number has continued to rise and is now reported to be more than 200.



Umamah Ousamah Khalil al-Hayah, 8
Osamah Mahmoud al-Astal, 6
Ahmad Ayman Siyam, 15
Ahmad Nael Mahdi, 15
Ahmad Na’Im Muhammad Musalam, 11
Ahmad Sufian a-Jamal, 9
Ahmad Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 8
Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Naser, 13
Ibrahim Khalil ‘Abd ‘Amar, 12
Ibrahim Ramadan Abu Daqah, 10
Aya Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 12
Ayub Ahmad Abu Jame’, 10
Iman Khalil ‘Abd ‘Amar, 9
Islam al-Qasas, 15
Isma’il Muhammad Subhi Baker, 9
Israa al-Qasas, 7
Elyas Ibrahim Dib al-Kulani, 4
Amal Bahaa al-Batsh, 2
Amjad Salem Khamis Sha’t, 15
Amir Iyad Salem ‘Arif, 11
Anas ‘Alaa Subhi al-Batsh, 10
Asil al-Masri, 15
Asil Wisam Marzuq Sheheibar, 7
Arwa al-Qasas, 4
Basem Salem Kaware’, 10
Bader Siyam, 4
“Bisan Basem Ahmad Abu Jame’, 6 months”, 6 month
Bitul Basam Ahmad Abu Jame’, 4
Jawdat Ahmad Abu Jame’, 13
Jihad ‘Isam Marzuq Sheheibar, 10
Dima ‘Abdallah Salim, 3
Dina ‘Abdallah ‘Aziz, 5
“Dalal Siyam, 9 months”, 0
Hiba Akram Saleh a-Sha’er, 15
Hiba Hamed a-Sheikh Khalil, 14
Haifaa Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 9
Haniyah ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Jarad, 3
Wisam ‘Isam Marzuq Sheheibar, 8
Walaa Na’im Muhammad Musalam, 14
Wasim Mustafa Salhiyah, 15
Zakariyah ‘Ahed Subhi Baker, 10
Khalil Ousamah Khalil al-Hayah, 5
Husam Ibrahim a-Najar, 14
Husam Husam Abu Qainas, 7
Hussein Yusef Kaware’, 13
Hamzah Ousamah Khalil ak-Hayah, 4
Yamen Riyad al-Hmeideh, 4
Yasin Ibrahim Dib al-Kilani, 9
Yasmin Muhammad al-Mutawaq, 4
Yasmin Mahmoud al-Astal, 4
Yaser Ibrahim Dib al-Kilani, 8
Kinan Hasan Akram al-Halaq, 6
Lamyaa Iyad al-Qasas, 11
Muhammad Iyad al-Qasas, 4
Muhammad Iyad Salem ‘Arif, 10
Muhmmad Ibrahim Antiz, 13
Muhammad Ibrahim Faek al-Masri, 14
Muhammad Ayman a-Sha’er, 5
Muhammad Ashraf Rafiq ‘Ayad, 3
Muhammad Hani Muhammad al-Halaq, 2
Muhammad Ziad Saleh a-Rahal, 5
Muhammad Khalaf Nawasrah, 2
Muhammad Mustafa Malakeh, 2
Muhammad Na’im Muhammad Musalam, 15
Muhammad Salem Antiz, 3
Muhammad ‘Ali Kaware’, 13
Muhammad Ramez ‘Izat Baker, 11
Muhammad Rami Fathi ‘Ayad, 3
Musa Muhammad Taher al-Astal, 15
“Musa ‘Abd a-Rahman Abu Jarad, 8 months”, 8 month
Mustafa Siyam, 9
Maisaa Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 7
Manar Majed al-Batsh, 13
Marwah Suliman Ahmad a-Sarsawi, 12
Marah Shaker a-Jamal, 10
Miriam ‘Atiyeh al-‘Arja, 10
“Nujud Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’, 4 months”, 4 month
Nur Yaser Ahmad Abu Jame’, 2
Nidal Khalaf ‘Awad Nawasrah, 4
Nasmah Iyad al-Qasas, 10
Nagham Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Hamid a-Zweidi, 2
Sajidah Yaser Ahmad Abu Jame’, 7
Saji Hasan Akram al-Halaq, 4
Saher Abu Namus, 4
Sarah ‘Omar Sheikh al-‘Eid, 9
Suhelah Basam Ahmad Abu Jame’, 3
Sawsan Ibrahim Dib al-Kilani, 11
Suliman Ahmad Abu Jame’, 14
Siham Muhammad Ibrahim Zu’rub, 11
Siraj Iyad ‘Abd al-‘Al, 8
Siraj Yaser Ahmad Abu Jame’, 4
Samih Na’im Abu Jarad, 1
Samar al-Qasas, 3
Samar Musa Abu Jarad, 15
Safaa Malakeh, 6
Ahed ‘Attaf ‘Ahed Baker, 9
Asem Khalil ‘Abd ‘Amar, 4
Abd a-Rahman Akram a-Skafi, 12
Abd a-Rahman Basam Khatab, 5
Abdallah Yusef Daraji, 2
Abdallah Muhammad Kaware’, 12
Abdallah Ramadan Abu Ghazal, 5
Omar Jamil Subhi Hamudah, 10
Fadi Diab Hassan Islim, 10
Fatmeh Mahmoud al-Haj, 14
Fatmeh Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’, 12
“Fares Jum’ah a-Tarabin? 3 months”, 3 month
Qasem Jaber ‘Adwan Kaware’, 12
Qusai ‘Isam al-Batsh, 12
Ghadah Subhi Sa’idi ‘Ayad, 13
Ghaidaa Siyam, 7
Raed Muhammad Thari, 4
Rahaf Isma’il Abu Jam’ah, 4
Rahaf Khalil Hamadah a-Jabur, 4
Ru’ya Mhamhmoud ‘Abd al-Hamid a-Zweidi, 5
Razan Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 14
Rizeq Ahmad al-Hayek, 2
Rayan Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’, 5
Rim Ibrahim Dib al-Kilani, 12
Rinat Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’, 2
Sha’ban Jamil Ziyadah, 12
Tala Akram al-‘Atawi, 10
Tawfiq Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 4

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