Nine. Only nine

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    1. Thanks for that link! Biggest laugh I’ve had in a long time, especially the crack about Kim Kardashian. (And believe me, after dealing with both Verizon and Comcast today, I needed it!)

  1. What we have learned is that despite all the high paid salaries and budgets and pat them on the head promises, the country was not prepared for emergencies. Hopefully all learned and stopped trying the smoke and mirrors talk (people panic when they realize what they thought was true isn’t).
    Common sense needed.
    Sticking a nurse in a triage TENT on the lawn without shower, stupid portapotty, no internet/TV or comforts of home is insane. She was badly treated. They should be ashamed. She isn’t a zoo animal
    But, yes, better safe than sorry and quarantine (Several nurses and docs in TX came back at the same time and are perfectly happy staying at home – without media circus. The TDC’s guards – many from Nigeria on work visas here, travel home a lot – are happy to sit home for a bit after returning – they are getting paid). Most in the medical field do recognize the potential – and it can be easily managed with a bit of cooperation. People can suddenly become contagious without warning. The trick is to immediately transport and treat the person ASAP – that’s how they are surviving.
    No one wants another Typhoid Mary.
    Hey, NJ – if you need to quarantine – put them up in a nice luxury hotel with everything – everything – make them happy and delighted…Atlantic City has a few vacancies, I hear…
    Cautious. Once holiday travel season is over, maybe a better read on the situation. Now only mud in the water and media.

    1. Putting that nurse in a tent was outrageous. Absolutely inexcusable. No reason at all not to let her go home and stay home for the duration like everyone else. She wouldn’t have even been in Christie’s jurisdiction anymore.

      I was just reading about health officials being worried as flu season begins and the Ebola panic continues. People will be flooding emergency rooms, fearing they have Ebola when it’s only flu, flu patients not being able to get in, or people completely forgetting flu and getting flu shots, etc.

      1. Agreed her home is perfect – why not let her be outdoors there – healthier and much less stressful.
        Docs do believe hysteria will make this winter difficult.
        One guy recently called 911 saying he needed an ambulance because he’d be exposed to ebola…he was in a restaurant and was sure he heard a guy at the table next to him saying he was a pilot and had just flown in from Africa. Nuts. Totally nuts.

  2. The worst part of it is those politicians trying, and succeeding, in making the ebola happening a political football. In advocating mistrust of the government, they are, by implication, blaming president Obama. I shall now refer to him from time to time as president O-blame-a. Never mind that the economy has recovered. Never mind that the fiscal cliff didn’t doom the economy. Never mind that the TARP bailout succeeded. Never mind that America’s longest war is almost over. Sigh. 🙁

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