Boo, humbug!

This guy reflects my grouchy old lady mood after a dozen trick-or-treaters ignore my darkened porch and ring my doorbell anyway. (I was taught that no porch light means nobody home and/or no goodies available so do not disturb.) To those who don’t ring my doorbell, I wish the happiest, spookiest Halloween ever!

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  1. I demand to know where you got that picture of me! 😉

  2. Halloween is my unfavorite holiday celebration strange-ritual extortion of the year, the best example I know of a meme that is at least ⅔ terrible. (Dressing up in costume is fun for kids, I will admit.) Love the pumpkins! 🙂

    • Yes, it’s fun for the kids. But I’ve done my duty having my evening interrupted 20 times by strangers begging for goodies I’ve no inclination to buy.

      I love whoever was creative enough to carve this.

  3. We’re never bothered with this nonsense 😛

  4. My husband is the Hallowe-en fan, not me. So when he told me yesterday he was going to be late getting home and I’d have to be in charge I said, “Sure, no problem,” then left the lights off. We had no takers. The only downside to my evil plan is that we now have a bowl full of candy to deal with. I know, I make that sound like a bad thing. And it is. I have no will power. Scratch that – I’ve got plenty of will power, but don’t exercise it.

  5. Aahhhh the merits of living off the busy streets… with a long, dark, tree-lined drive, nobody ever stops- even when there were little kids on the road. One main drag, a pretty street popular with walkers and home to the “rich folks” in town, was expecting thousands. Given the sickos in society today, i think the safer thing is to stop the door-to-door tradition and use the shopping malls, church trunk-n-treats, school harvest parties, etc. I feel for you keeping lights off and still being bothered. Cheer up! Now we get to bypass Thanksgiving and go straight to all things Christmas! ⛄

    • A few years ago everyone was all about going to the malls for trick or treat because it was safer. But now it seems people are back on the streets again. Don’t know why. It’s certainly not any safer. Last night, though, I didn’t hear anyone at all. Very quiet.

      I’ve been hearing about early Black Friday sales starting this weekend. Ugh!! Two full months of Christmas crap!

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