Je suis Charlie

16 thoughts on “Je suis Charlie”

  1. The 3 pencils is billiant, no words necessary. this senselessness is getting to me that I’m fast becoming an advocate of treating these fiends with a fatal dose of their own medicine, I’m almost wishing the Fench would bring back their Madame La Guillotine,I do believe I would not speak out against it now; fervent opponent of capital punishment that I am, these creatures do not know and do not recognize any other way than death in the most vile fashion, they deserve nothing less.

    The Froggies used once to enjoy the old knife slicing down in public, they might start to enjoy it again with scum like that!.

    I’m quite angry!

      1. It’s a tough call for the major media. All support freedom of speech but many think Charlie Hebdo was going too far, and unnecessarily so. Not to mention not wanting to risk offending some of their own readers/users.

  2. Any god that is so insecure that (he/she/it) can’t survive a little heckling, or must send it’s children to battle the worshiper of some other god is not worth any sort of consideration.

    I have long believed that we should leave these 13th century troglodytes alone so long as they’re murdering and maiming their own idiot brethren, but the moment they harm one of ours – we give them the General Curtis LeMay treatment and send the leaders of their idiocy back to the stone age where they belong. Collateral damage be damned.

  3. I stand with Charlie. Freedom of speech (expression) is the cornerstone of representative democracy. Without it, advanced human institutions and rights cannot prevail. We must not, as free people, be intimidated by cowardly terrorists. Those who think we should stifle free speech because of fears for unpleasant consequences are not thinking clearly.

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