Abandon hope all ye who vote

10 thoughts on “Abandon hope all ye who vote”

  1. It is amazing, isn’t it? All I can say is that the primary contests are more entertaining than 98% of the rest of the stuff on TV.

    I especially appreciated the interactive chart, Popcorn Politics. Scary.

    1. It would be amusing and entertaining if the characters we’ve seen weren’t running for President of the United States. As it stands, I find it all appalling and yes, scary. I see no one in the field (in either party) that I want for president.

    1. I’m one of those who thinks a vote for a third party candidate is probably a wasted effort. Unless perhaps another Ross Perot comes along (and has a platform I can agree with).

    1. Wish they’d all drop out so both parties could start over. Right now it looks like my only option will be to hold my nose and vote for Clinton, just to thwart the GOP candidate.

  2. It is no small potatoes that “then Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton” used a private email server to send AND receive U.S. Government e mails. To do so is a strong indication of total disregard of policy and procedure! I am sure our senior military officers could do the same …NOT!

  3. Ps on my last post…Do you believe that Hilary Clinton would make a respected and good “Commander in Chief?

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