Beyond the Horizon

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  1. What a way to end an anniversary celebration — and way cool that Dr Tyson received his award from Lt Uhura (ok, from Nichelle Nichols). I am already singing ‘beyond the horizon’ in my head 🙂 Sure hope this helps jumpstart some interest in exploration again. Thanks for posting this!

    1. Ack, I know I replied to you, but I don’t know where it went. Maybe I never clicked “Post.” That’s happened before.

      Yes, anything to jumpstart more space exploration.

    1. Hi Diane, and welcome. Your comment was held in moderation because you’re a first-timer, but now you should be able to comment with no problems. I hope you’ll do so, often.

      1. If there is a possibility that we as humans are from or part of “stardust” is it also possible that we as humans were created from the “dust of the earth” as opposed as coming from the sea/ocean as some people believe humans came from? Question: what came first…the chicken or the egg.Does anyone realize how close together male and female had to evolve together so that the two could pro create or unite as one to produce offspring? Just thinking on my computer!

      2. If you believe the Biblical account of the creation, it’s pretty easy to accept that humans were created from the dust of the earth. But as I recall, it only says Adam and Eve were created; it doesn’t say from what, does it? Never really thought about that before. As for the evolution of male and female, I don’t think the sexes of a given species evolve any differently than the species as a whole.

      3. The Biblical account of creation does say that man and beast and fowl of the air was formed out of the ground. The purpose of my remark about “stardust” is because the song alludes to the idea that the universe is in us and we are in the universe and part of the universe. Where did the “stardust” come from. Today science is looking at a sub atomic particle,the Higgs boson aka the god particle where our universe began,but even a sub atomic particle had to have come from some where.We as humans can not create or make something out of nothing. As far as I know it has not been scientifically proven that creation did not happen nor has it been proven that the “big bang” theory did actually happen. One last thought…how do you get giant rocks or monoliths out of a particle of an atom. Big to little yes.Little to big looks more like intelligent design as opposed to random chance.

      4. The scientists would have to explain to you their proof of the Big Bang, but that’s where the dust originated. Then it began to coalesce into stars, solar systems, planets, etc. All life that arose on Earth necessarily originated from that dust/stardust.

        It’s up to the listener whether to believe the scientific explanation or the biblical. But with ample proof the earth is far older than 6,000 years, I think the biblical creation has been disproved. I’m not well versed in atomic theory, chemistry, etc., but I know atoms combine into molecules and then larger structures. As for big rocks and monoliths, most of the ones I know of are what’s left after everything around them eroded away over millions of years. They didn’t grow from little rocks; they’re what’s left of much larger rocks and landforms.

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