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A jerk is a jerk, no matter what he drives

This video is getting a lot of play on our local news stations because the incident took place at 16th and Tejon in Denver. Witnesses say the car floated/ran the stop sign (obvious in the video), knocked down a skateboarder in the crosswalk, and then honked at him. The skateboarder jumped up, smashed the car’s windshield with his board, and took off with the car’s passenger in pursuit. One report said the skater was caught 3 blocks later but doesn’t say what happened then. (What kind of reporter finds out the the passenger caught the skater but doesn’t say what happened next?)

Reports said the people on the sidewalk were lined up to get into a popular local ice cream shop. The car, a $250,000 McLaren 570S, was reportedly a rental from Mile High Drives in Wheat Ridge. It’s not known whether the driver was the owner or had rented the car but the owner later told KCNC that he may file charges. Police have seen the video but since neither party filed a report, they’ve taken no action.

Another local report said a new windshield on that particular car will cost approximately $4,500.

As of this evening, the video was approaching 3 million views on YouTube.



      • There exists at least one paedestrian who co-owns those roads. As long as I’m alive, there exists at least one. Please: OPPOSE ALL FORMS OF FASCISM, mate. Too. Many. F__king. LAWS. Too many laws in too many nations Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! “Right of way?” Hows about this: Let’s coexist; you don’t run me over when I’m skateboarding with the green light; in recompense I flash you the peace sign. Hm?

"A republic, if you can keep it." -- Benjamin Franklin

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