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  1. He was one of the few people I can actually say I’ve admired. His story had an actual effect on my life. It caused me to change my behavior once. It made me better. So when I say he was an inspiration, I mean it literally. To me, John Glenn was an actual influence. And when I hear the song, “Major Tom,” or “Top of the Wordl” I think of John Glenn, even if that’s not whom it was written for.

    Godspeed, Major Tom.

    There’s a hole in the clouds
    When you look up tonight
    A window that beckons you
    Toward the moonlight
    The tower counts down
    And the moment is right
    You take a deep breath
    But your chest still goes tight
    Alone at the top of the world
    Day turns into night
    Turns back to day
    Twice on the hour
    You’re far from it now

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