Tomorrow is Tax March Day

9 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Tax March Day”

    1. Oh, I dunno, maybe to see how or if they manipulated the system and whether or not they lied to us about it. Maybe to see them be as honest, open, and forthcoming as their predecessors. There’s at least an appearance of impropriety when people hide things.

  1. A MOAB might not, but I understand the Russians have something even better, or worse, depending on who’s side you are on.

    It’s the FAOB, the Father, and at more than twice the size and designed to blow before reaching the ground, second only to a nuclear bomb, but without the radioactive fallout, it’s a monster.

    The way that person in the Oval office is going, it’s on the cards that some US citizens might just be in line to experience them, first hand.

    Always the innocent that suffers, still Putin might decide to drop them on GOP strongholds.

    The Oval Office occupant would not know how to lie straight in bed!

  2. Agent Orange uses the excuse that his returns are under audit, which is pretty good since there is a law that the President’s and the Vice President’s returns are automatically audited every year. Except that being under audit does not legally preclude release. Nor is there any reason he can’t release prior years’ returns, unless of course he’s hiding the truth for a reason, as we suspect. I hope there’s a huge turnout for the Tax March.

    1. It’s been explained repeatedly that there’s no valid legal reason for him to withhold the information. He’s a public figure and can’t even claim right to privacy. I’m convinced he’s hiding a lot of dirty laundry.

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