Easter Sunday

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    1. The crosses can be found with the other much out dates forms of Capital Punishment that are found to be barbaric, inhumane such as stoning etcetera excetra.

  1. Because it is Easter Sunday I must ask a question….Is there any empirical evidence that Jesus Christ actually never existed and that words that are attributed to him were never spoken by him?

    1. Are there any actual writings by the evangelists? Probably not. I do think what you mean to ask is is there any evidence that someone ever said these words.

      I can’t recall who’s writings it was, its over 50 years ago since I read the works but there was a brief mention of a bloke named Jesus who was causing a bit of a nuisance to a Mr Pilate.

      Of course it was a translation into English, I can’t recall if it was from the original Greek or Latin; I’m not going to deny that some bloke by that name did exist,

      How common was the name amongst the Jews back a couple of thousand years ago.

      Somehow I can’t imagine a bloke walking around with this Jesus with a notebook writing down whatever he was saying, can you?

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