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  1. Because it is Easter Sunday I must ask a question….Is there any empirical evidence that Jesus Christ actually never existed and that words that are attributed to him were never spoken by him?

    • Are there any actual writings by the evangelists? Probably not. I do think what you mean to ask is is there any evidence that someone ever said these words.

      I can’t recall who’s writings it was, its over 50 years ago since I read the works but there was a brief mention of a bloke named Jesus who was causing a bit of a nuisance to a Mr Pilate.

      Of course it was a translation into English, I can’t recall if it was from the original Greek or Latin; I’m not going to deny that some bloke by that name did exist,

      How common was the name amongst the Jews back a couple of thousand years ago.

      Somehow I can’t imagine a bloke walking around with this Jesus with a notebook writing down whatever he was saying, can you?

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