The Blue Trees in Denver

Photo: Konstantin Dimopoulos

There’s a new public art installation in Denver. Work on it started yesterday and continues today. Artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, with the help of volunteers, is creating his Blue Trees project. It entails painting all the trees in the Denver Theatre District blue. I can’t think of a better place or a more striking way to draw attention to global deforestation and the importance of trees to people and their environment.

The trees, instead of blending into the background, make a bold statement with their brilliant, biologically safe, water-based, non-permanent colorant.

Dimopoulos takes his Blue Trees project to cities around the country.

Photo: Clayton Perry
Photo: CBS

8 thoughts on “The Blue Trees in Denver

    1. Well, the blue will wash off in time. Don’t know how long it usually lasts (we’re supposed to have rain tomorrow and Friday). I think it’s a very original way to make a statement about trees.

    1. I love the idea! Nice to hear they’ll last a while because that painting looks like a LOT of work. I’d think the birds would notice something was different, but don’t know it it would bother them or not.

    1. Striking and thought-provoking. I imagine that’s just what the artist is shooting for. Observers don’t have to “like” it for it to accomplish its purpose.

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