It’s Thanksgiving 2017

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  1. There were 10 of us at our table last night. Chaos and family fun. 17 pound turkey. We named her Tulip the Turkey. The kitchen was crowded. I did the mashed potatoes and gravy and for the first time we used the dehydrated potato flakes method. (I like to experiment.) It was interesting. Despite a previous trial run, my first try last night resulted in a boil-over of water and butter, and I added the milk too early. Yipes. The 10 minute re-do was successful, exact measurements being the secret, and everyone praised the product. It was a close call.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    1. Glad those potatoes worked out. Can’t have a proper Thanksgiving meal without them. Ten at the table sounds like all the great Thanksgivings I had growing up. The more the merrier.

  2. johnthecook we had 13 at the table, 3 dogs and way to much food. 24lb stuffed turkey 10.5 lb picnic ham 10 lb fresh mashed potatoes,3lb fresh candied yams,5lb dressing of which 2lb was stuffing,4lb fresh green beans, ,3lb of corn (not on the cob) 2qt of scratch turkey gravy 1 qt fresh cranberry sauce,2dz deviled eggs, a large selection of veggie appetizers with ranch dip,1 scratch apple pie,1 scratch cherry pie,1 pumpkin pie,1 cream cheese pie,1 pecan pie1 2 caramel pecan walnut pies,and 18 scratch dinner rolls. My wife made 2qt of a marshmallow sour cream with pineapple chunks and mandarin orange and whipped topping fruit salad.Sadly it never made it to the feast as we kept it home for us. All in all it was a great meal. Thank You Lord!

    1. That sounds like almost exactly what we had, only 3 or 4 times as much. We had that many people when I was growing up. Enough for a kids’ table, and adult tables in two different rooms. Your description has me drooling all over again, though. Especially the pies, the cherry, pecan, and the best sounding of all, which I’ve never had before, caramel pecan walnut. Mmmm!! I think I’d have kept that fruit salad too. (I think I gained about 5 pounds just reading your description!)

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