Bacon lattice turkey — seriously?

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  1. I must admit I loved the turkey when I was in America, that is one thing you Yankees shine at Turkey and how to cook it. I do believe the best I had was in Hawai’i along with the baked ham, unforgettable.

    The funniest experience I ever had with turkey was in San Francisco on our first visit. I spotted this Irish Bar not far from Union Square and they had the equivalent to the Australian Counter lunches so we popped in.

    Came my turn and the ‘guy’ serving asked me what I’d like and I said “I’d like a turkey leg please”. and he asked me ” Left or Right?” I said “beg your pardon?’ He said ” do you want a left leg or a right leg” and I said , “Is there any difference?”

    He said ” Some people think so” I told him I didn’t mind which, any way he put a leg on a large plate and asked “Do you want gravy?” ‘Yes please” says me. So he poured a great dollop of gravy over the leg and handed me the plate.

    Nothing else on it just a great big turkey leg, swimming around in a pool of gravy, and that was it. No veggies no chips nothing, just a leg, in gravy..

    Turkey in Australia is a luxury and not worth a bumper, weigh in at 4 or 5 kilos if you’re lucky and a 4.6 kg free range turkey will set you back $A46.00, that’s $A10 a kg a kg = 2.2lbs, so a 10lb turkey costs $4.60 a pound.Believe it or not.

    Don’t believe me? Check this out!

    And I still don’t know if it was a left or right leg. it wasn’t very nice.:(

    1. LOL. Never heard of any distinction between the right and left leg. They’re both dark meat and that’s all I care about.

      Turkey here, according to one source, is averaging $1.60 per pound, up from a year ago. And I seem to recall reading somewhere that year round, turkey is one of the least expensive meats we can buy. Somebody down your way needs to start raising turkeys!

      1. Well it was an Irish bar, so it’s to be expected I suppose.

        Somehow I don’t think they’d be a big market for turkeys here, too much trouble cooking them, Something quick, light and easy seems to be the WTG here

      2. They are really simple to cook. It’s all the side dishes and trimmings that make it such a big production. Holiday and all that. Think of them as big chickens.

    1. See. That’s what I mean about bacon being so popular. But I’ve learned I have my limits. I bought some glazed donuts once, thinking they had flecks of chocolate in the glaze. Turned out to be bacon. Ick. I picked out all the bacon before I ate them, but it had still affected the taste. Negatively, I thought.

    1. Like you, I’m curious. Since I’ve no plans to fix it myself, I’d like opinions from people who’ve tried it. I can only think of my turkey dripping with bacon grease and overwhelmed by bacon flavor. I like turkey taste! If I didn’t, I’d have ham or pizza or something.

  2. Far too labor intensive for me. Maybe it would be good for those people who always overcook their turkeys, but … I think I’d feel like I was eating a turkey club sandwich. There will be some bacon involved in my Thanksgiving dinner, but only because it’ll be in the rice stuffing I’ll put in the Cornish game hen. That’s more than enough bacon.

    I can’t get behind desserts with bacon in them. Everything is NOT better with bacon. Doughnuts and cupcakes don’t need any help.

    1. Turkey club sandwich. Funny! Yes, that’s how I feel about it. Again, in fairness, I’d have to try it, but it just doesn’t sound inviting. Your stuffing, on the other hand, sounds delicious. I never thought to stuff a Cornish game hen with anything but lemon, garlic, rosemary, etc. Can’t get much in there, after all …

      1. I found the recipe last year or the year before. Not much stuffing actually makes it in, but that’s OK because the rice is delicious on its own. I make it a lot and put leftover chicken in it for dinner sometimes. Yummy!

      2. Sounds really good. I may try that the next time I cook a game hen. Usually I have potatoes, but stuffing sounds much more interesting. And with all those pan drippings. Mmmm.

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