There’s action on Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road, which reaches elevations above 12,000 feet as it crosses through Rocky Mountain National Park, traditionally opens on Memorial Day Weekend. But in the mountains Nature always has the last word, and although the road crews are hard at work, a late storm with high winds could easily close the freshly plowed road. I’ve yet to see a definite opening date for this year, but obviously the heavy equipment has reached the Alpine Visitor Center. This screenshot from earlier today shows a backhoe clearing the walkway and deck at the back of the Visitor Center — a good sign. But best to check road conditions before starting a drive over Trail Ridge: 970-586-1222

Update May 23: The Park Service confirmed this morning that Trail Ridge Road is on track to open Friday, May 25.

Update May 25: Trail Ridge Road opened for the season yesterday, one day ahead of schedule.

6 thoughts on “There’s action on Trail Ridge Road

  1. Finally they made it to the visitor’s center. Such a view and makes me want to hit the road
    (and checking for dog friendly places for end of Sept…after the tourist season – too late now!)
    Last week was miserable hot – we’re about to summer hibernation time. Been getting the last of the yard work done before retreating indoors – (Gottas run back and see what you’ve been up to!)

      1. If I was a man of religious bent I’d say “Thank Christ for that!” and being a blasphemer of sorts I’d say the very same thing, with just a slightly different inflection 😈

        1. Well, I can’t speak for anyone who might ski, snowshoe, or snow mobile into the area, but the road itself is closed in winter. And summer or winter, one might find a bit of spirituality up there, if not religiosity.

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