There’s action on Trail Ridge Road

6 thoughts on “There’s action on Trail Ridge Road”

  1. Finally they made it to the visitor’s center. Such a view and makes me want to hit the road
    (and checking for dog friendly places for end of Sept…after the tourist season – too late now!)
    Last week was miserable hot – we’re about to summer hibernation time. Been getting the last of the yard work done before retreating indoors – (Gottas run back and see what you’ve been up to!)

      1. If I was a man of religious bent I’d say “Thank Christ for that!” and being a blasphemer of sorts I’d say the very same thing, with just a slightly different inflection 😈

      2. Well, I can’t speak for anyone who might ski, snowshoe, or snow mobile into the area, but the road itself is closed in winter. And summer or winter, one might find a bit of spirituality up there, if not religiosity.

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