Let the games begin

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    1. Me too. That’s why I’m so choosy about when I go to the mountains. I don’t begrudge others their time there, and yet, selfishly, I’d rather have it all to myself.

  1. Chevy Chase’s Mountain Vacation Trip? Oh my.

    We too are staying home this weekend. Been there, done that. Have a restful time of it! Our weather is beautiful, hope your’s is! Jim

    1. Hi Jim. Yep, this is definitely a stay-at-home weekend. We’re supposed to be in the 90s today, however, and that’s way too warm for my tastes. Staying cool will be my primary objective.

  2. I saw the title and my immediate thought was “Not the Olympic games” and nearly gave it a miss when I realized that you are not that crazy 🙂 It’d be a bit of a worry with all those cars driving on the wrong side of the road too!
    26° sounds perfect, I’m down around 10° here 26° = 80°F 10° = 50°

      1. I must admit that since losing weight I find it hard to cope with the very high temperatures, like 30° + 100°F. But I’m finding the cold harder to cope with.
        and there’s no such thing as “Global Warming” ? tell that to potus 😈

      2. When it’s cold, it’s easy to put on more clothes. When it’s hot, well, there’s a limit to how much you can shed (I have a lot of natural insulation).

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