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  1. Once the mist and drippy fog left, we had sunny warm day…not near as dramatic as your images – almost ankle deep water in some spots of back yard from last night’s rain.
    We’ll see which forecast is right for this weekend. (right now only a light freeze here a couple of days…but more rain AAAARRRGGGHHH)

    • If the forecasts are correct, almost all of the snow will stay in the mountains — where it belongs! Only got about an inch in my yard last weekend. Temps have been in the 50s, just about right if you ask me.

    • Amazing how dramatic some of these storms look. I imagine them determined to move east but getting hung up on the mountain peaks and never quite making it. This one is supposed to drop more than a foot in the mountains and little if any out here on the plains. I guess we’ll see …

  2. I did as you suggested and clicked pics for current views.

    Wasn’t very good checked my clocks, 16.52 hours AEST Friday – 21.52 hours Thursday Colorado time.


    If I remember when I wake at 03/30 hours Saturday I’ll switch the computer on and watch dawn in Colorado, Friday

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