Incoming storm? What storm?

Louisville, Colorado
Superior, Colorado
Ward, Colorado
Estes Park, Colorado, fairgrounds
Estes Park, Colorado

(Screenshots from approximately 12:30 pm MST. Click pics for current views.)

These and many more webcams are always available on “My favorite webcams: Estes Park, Rocky Mountain NP, Pikes Peak, Denver/Boulder.” Unless, of course, they get knocked out by a winter storm.

14 thoughts on “Incoming storm? What storm?

  1. Once the mist and drippy fog left, we had sunny warm day…not near as dramatic as your images – almost ankle deep water in some spots of back yard from last night’s rain.
    We’ll see which forecast is right for this weekend. (right now only a light freeze here a couple of days…but more rain AAAARRRGGGHHH)

    1. If the forecasts are correct, almost all of the snow will stay in the mountains — where it belongs! Only got about an inch in my yard last weekend. Temps have been in the 50s, just about right if you ask me.

    1. Amazing how dramatic some of these storms look. I imagine them determined to move east but getting hung up on the mountain peaks and never quite making it. This one is supposed to drop more than a foot in the mountains and little if any out here on the plains. I guess we’ll see …

  2. I did as you suggested and clicked pics for current views.

    Wasn’t very good checked my clocks, 16.52 hours AEST Friday – 21.52 hours Thursday Colorado time.


    If I remember when I wake at 03/30 hours Saturday I’ll switch the computer on and watch dawn in Colorado, Friday

    1. Dawn might not look that great on these cams, which all face west or northwest. Several of the cams in the high country face east, but I expect they’ll be socked in tomorrow. But you never know. That’s the fun of it.

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