Release the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

9 thoughts on “Release the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”

  1. I tend to agree with the conclusions of Mark Shields and David Brooks of PBS fame, even if the whole report is released in its entirety for the most part the majority of us have already made up our minds and have drawn our conclusions and releasing the report will have little to no affect on those opinions.

    1. I like to think that I’d be open-minded enough to accept its conclusions … but I hope it says Trump’s a crook and a traitor who ought to be in prison. If not, well, they finally got Al Capone on tax evasion. So maybe there’s hope.

  2. We will never see it, unless it’s heavily redacted. And trump has his perfect minion to cover it all up.

    1. I don’t expect to ever see it myself, but those in Congress with the proper security clearances should see every single word of it. And since some of the people who contributed to it have already said Barr’s little summation really missed the mark, I’m hoping they will follow through with making sure the right people see the entire report. Otherwise all their work will have been for naught.

  3. At this point I just wish Congress would focus more on legislation – this is getting to be an endless, expensive, and useless loop. Gut it up a bit longer – there is an end in sight – and try to get stuff done in Congress – just exhausted and nothing is going anywhere. Sigh

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