Far worse than the Ukrainian phone call

Trump’s phone call asking Ukraine to interfere in American politics was an impeachable offense. And the impeachment hearings are now in progress.

But at least nobody died in that incident. Abruptly abandoning the Kurds in Syria, on the other hand, and leaving them to be slaughtered by invading Turks is so much worse. Trump essentially invited Turkey to do what it’s doing — invade northern Syria and kill any Kurds who get in their way.

There are reports now of atrocities against the Kurds and of their ISIS prisoners escaping and joining the Turks. Some fear an ISIS resurgence. Kurdish civilians are running for their lives. And Turkish forces are getting perilously close to the remaining outnumbered American troops.

There was absolutely no reason for Trump to pull our troops out (other than to oblige Turkish President Erdogan during yet another questionable international phone call). And now that Trump has been played by Erdogan, we can assume the Kurds will never again trust the US. And what of other American allies in the Middle East and elsewhere? Will anyone ever trust the US again? Could you blame them?

Trump’s been an international embarrassment since the day he was elected. But at least he hadn’t killed anyone. Until now. Now he has blood on his hands.


6 thoughts on “Far worse than the Ukrainian phone call

    1. Trump wants desperately to be buddies with world leaders, to be one of them, if not the greatest among them. But now his little games, his obsequiousness and dreams of grandeur, are costing lives. Why does any rational human being still support and defend him? He’s a madman who belongs in either prison or a mental institution.

    1. It was the Ukrainian thing that started the impeachment proceedings, but I would think this action would be added to the list of wrongdoings. Maybe it doesn’t work that way. But to me, this is far worse than any shady dealings in Ukraine. Nightline did a story a few nights ago about one Kurdish family and I was literally in tears when it was over.

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