Comic Sans, the font you love to hate

8 thoughts on “Comic Sans, the font you love to hate”

  1. I think the Comic Sans hate is overblown; it’s a very legible font that makes it excellent for cartoons, scripts, etc. It’s not ideal for professional applications like letters from attorneys (unless those attorneys are Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, who I’m sure would fake being dead to avoid representing anyone associated with this administration). C’mon, dude, at least try Helvetica if you’re anti-serif!!!! 😉

    1. I agree. I think a lot of people who say they hate Comic Sans probably don’t even know what a font is and wouldn’t recognize Comic Sans if you hit them in the face with it. On the other hand, if you’re going to communicate via computer, you should at least know some of the customary fonts.

      1. Very true. Palatino is one of my favorites, as is Times, but I’ve been known to use Comic Sans and similar fonts for some things when appropriate … sometimes because I want to annoy the haters. 😏

      2. Ah, Palatino. One of my favorites, too. In the journal I used to manage I used Palatino and Optima. I was using Palatino on my blog until I discovered that on one browser it wasn’t rendering as true Palatino so I dropped it.

        Annoying haters?? Who would do a thing like that?? 😉

      1. Agreed. No one was double-checking a doc that definitely should have been. Or they’re too stupid to know not to use Comic Sans font for ANYTHING.

      2. I agree you’d have to be a cave dweller to have missed all the criticism of Comic Sans. There are proper places for it (“Comic” is a big hint), but certainly not in Washington for official business. (Admittedly Washington these days seems like an ongoing comic strip.)

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