A huge thank you

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  1. The situation is redolent of the ubiquitous patriotism and sense of unity I recall from WW II. There was something to it. I recall victory gardens and a lack of griping despite rationing. It would be nice to recover some of that!

  2. Everything here is clicking into hurricane mentality mode – people far more considerate than ordinary…most people that is.
    With everything closed, and no traffic, the birds on early morning walks have never sounded better. Take care!

    1. So glad I’m not there, worrying about hurricanes, or back in Oklahoma, worrying about tornados. The threat of coronavirus is plenty for me to deal with.
      You take care, too!

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    So many people who are stepping up so we can carry on. Pied Type’s another blog I’ve been following since 2015. The message of the cartoon ~ Don’t judge a person that you see with two carts filled with toilet paper. Their intention might be way different than you’re labeling them with.
    Hang in there! Stay well!

      1. Yes, I thought of that too! The first cartoon (hoarding? or picking up for sharing?) The second cartoon (generously sharing what we have with a neighbor). What’s your thoughts on it?

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