It can’t be said enough

4 thoughts on “It can’t be said enough

  1. How about asking Congress to send the doctors, nurses, techs, even the cleaning staff, combat pay for their selfless dedication and efforts? Better than sending the hospital corporations extra money.
    If you look at the payrolls, anyone can see where the money goes: administration offices and corporate personnel. They are why hospital costs are so high
    Those that do the actual work – and take the actual risk – combat pay bonuses for them!

    1. They’re due something, for sure. There was a story here about govt funds going to Denver Health, which is losing money like all hospitals where anyone other than Covid patients are afraid to go. Administrators took hundreds of thousands of dollars for their annual bonuses before any money went to defray hospital costs or pay front line workers.

      1. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but now that they’ve been outed, they should give those bonuses to their respective hospitals … before they either resign or get fired!

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