Something old is new again

4 thoughts on “Something old is new again”

  1. I always wanted a Big Wheel when I was very young. For some reason, mom never got me one. I think she thought I was too big/old for them when I asked for one.

    1. There were no Big Wheels when I was young, but my son absolutely loved his. As a mom, I loved it because it was low to the ground and couldn’t tip over easily like a tricycle.

      The tricky thing about riding an Irish Mail was that as you pulled back, you had to maintain equal pressure on the front axle with your feet in order to keep going straight. Turning, of course, was achieved with unequal pressure.

    1. Yea!! Fun, weren’t they? I had the darnedest time maintaining equal pressure with my feet and going in a straight line. Went weaving down the sidewalk like a drunk driver.

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