It’s Election Day eve — and I’m afraid

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  1. Me, too. Me, too. trump is going to do anything he can to win. And it will all be illegal. I just hope that those he is ordering to do these illegal acts stands up to him. I know some won’t, but things like sending in the national guard / army / whoever. I just hope at no point does the election show trump is winning. Joe needs to get to 270 first.

    1. No one yet has stood up to him. I don’t expect it to start now. The “red mirage” idea says Trump will appear to be ahead at first because Republicans tend to wait until Election Day to vote, and all those votes will be counted before all the mail-in ballots from Democrats. If it happens, I hope it will indeed be a mirage.

      1. My ballot went into an official ballot drop box about three days after I got it — and that was several weeks ago. And I was notified when it was received and counted. No, I wouldn’t risk the mail either.

      2. OMG! I’m a nervous wreck! I cannot deal with another 4 more years of trump. It’s finally looking better for Biden now. Of course trump is going to challenge everything. But it won’t matter. I’m sure all states careful monitored all their early voting.

      3. I’m trying not to watch results, but they’re hard to avoid. I’m just appalled that so many people voted for Trump. It’s horrifying. Biden can still win but it looks like the Republicans will hold the Senate, which will stymie everything the Dems try to do.

  2. Yet, somehow the Republic will stand.
    Apparently there was also a Trump parade in Denver area and media there said it was to celebrate the shooting of black men” Seriously? Irresponsible. Media loves to inflame emotional and set people against each other.
    Although boarding up and telling people to get ready for riots seems like a self fulfilling prophecy to me….prepare for the “worst” somehow seems like enabling addicts. Like “you know it’s going to happen, so get ready for us tear honest people’s stuff up and also to go some free Christmas shopping and blame it on the election”) The past months of not stopping the stealing and violence has set the stage for this. Shouldn’t be tolerating of sports “fans” (if they really are instead of just drunks and people wanting to do crazy stuff ’cause they have an excuse)
    ALL congress and elected officials standing up saying violence and destruction will not be tolerate. But it may be too late for that. Activists see an opportunity terrify people (“do not cross us or you’ll be next”) and others see gift getting season. No one controls either bunch – or either extreme ends.
    Good time to stay put, put some music on and read a good book…the sun will rise on Wed in any case – and the virus will continue no matter who wins

    1. All I heard about the parade here was that a lot of cars gathered and circled the city on our not-quite-complete beltway highway. But then, I’ve been trying to avoid political news.
      If I were the drinking type, I’d have stocked up for tomorrow night. Since I’m not, maybe I’ll just take a pill, go to bed early, and pull the covers up over my head. Or not. So many local issues I want to follow, and a Senate race that I’m hoping goes blue.

      1. Yeah apparently Ch 9 (Which we can pick up here, too so we can keep up with assorted family up there).
        The “car swarm” on the Biden bus was a bit overblown by media, too.
        What is wrong with people? “Let’s not try to get along” seems to be so fashionable …ready for that to change.
        Avoidance of TV is getting to be a thing with so many….you’d think they would take the hint, but no.
        Ready for the whole darn thing to be done with…but it will probably linger for weeks (Insert loud screaming here).
        Term limits, one issue per piece of legislation, and 6wks limit on campaigns for office….wold solve some problems…but politicians not really interested in giving the general public what it wants.
        People have gotten so absorbed by the hyper political drama over the past few months, what will they do without it?
        Sun rise. Sun set. Like any of any of it really makes a difference long term HAHA

      2. Just by being alive, humans destroy the planet.
        recently been pretty annoyed by all the discarded masks all over the place…little things matter…don’t weep about the destruction of the environment if your actions are quite the opposite. But litter or throwing stuff in waterways is not enough of a social media no-no featured thing, I guess
        All that matter seems to be the virtue than can be broadcast on social media..even if you have to provoke someone…
        Sometimes I just give up on humans…as a group

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