For better or worse, it’s Election Day

6 thoughts on “For better or worse, it’s Election Day”

  1. We voted by mail because, well, standing in a long line of strangers during a deadly pandemic didn’t seem like a good idea. Mailed them in about 2 weeks ago. The USPS seemed like a sure bet in the old days. Now? Crazy to wonder, but this IS 2020.

    Donald, you’re FIRED!

  2. I’m in a mostly rural area and live within a mile of my polling place. I wanted to get there super early but had some other errands to run and was having trouble printing out documents. Actually worked out pretty well getting there a little after 9. Figured I’d be 15th or 20th in line but nope. It was working quite nicely and I got in right away. No issues at all. Though I did get a twitchy middle finger when I saw three trucks with Dump flags driving past me in a five mile stretch.

    I think the quietness everywhere today was just odd as hell. That’s what struck me, but then again, I’m in Dump country and there’s not much anticipated “resistance” to the typical order. Hell, a quarter of the ballot in my neck was unopposed Republicans, anyway. A lot less libertarians or green party candidates to choose from, which just felt so weird.

    1. As I recall, not since I was in my 20s have I voted a straight ticket, but this year I went straight Dem. Besides president, I’d really like to flip the Senate. I haven’t been out for a week or two, but it seems like it’s been quiet around here. Downtown Denver is likely to get wild tonight, but I’m almost 20 miles from there.

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