One million one, one million two …

9 thoughts on “One million one, one million two …”

  1. I have been a nervous wreck all night long. Wondering if I can move to Belize (scuba diving) or Canada (friends). I just cannot deal with another 4 years of trump. The tweets. The lies. The hate. The misogyny. The racism. etc etc etc. I’ve finally calmed down. No, it’s not over until it’s over, but looking pretty damn skippy for Biden now.

      1. I’m feeling pretty good now. I still wish they’d call AZ and NV. But Biden is catching up real close in GA and closer in PA. I’m tired. Today was probably the closest I’ve ever come to a nervous breakdown. I was thinking of all kinds of ways to leave the country.

      2. I’m on pins and needles waiting for AZ and NV to be called. But even then, that will be a network prediction, not a final count. If somehow, some way, this thing ends up in the Supreme Court again, the explosion you hear will be me.

      3. Trump abused the Executive Order and I think that trend/habit/whatever needs to be reined in. But I’ve heard it asked more than once this year … “When have you ever known anyone to willingly give up power?” A Republican Senate may make some fancy legislative footwork necessary if anything is to be accomplished.

  2. I’ve never understood fully what people meant when they said “If so-and-so gets elected, I’m leaving the country.” I do now. Hopefully that won’t be necessary.

    1. When I’ve said it, it’s just been wishful thinking. I’m much too old and lazy to contemplate moving anywhere. But if Trump is re-elected, I may well become clinically depressed.

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