Still waiting, still worried

11 thoughts on “Still waiting, still worried”

  1. johnthecook…If you think Trump was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Many a person I have talked to don’t give Presidential hopeful Joe Biden more than 6 months in Office before he is diagnosed “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his Office” (please read Amendment 25,section 4 of our Constitution) The young people who voted have no clue to what we as a Nation are going to experience as Socialists’ ideas and Policies take a gradual effect on our Economy. Have you ever heard about the frog who sat in a pot of cool water that was sitting on a ever building fire? We are him.

    1. I don’t expect to swing all the way to socialist ideas and policies. I just expect a swing back to somewhere in the middle, something like we had before Trump was elected, but admittedly that will be well left of Trump’s policies. Sounds like you and my sister read the same thing about Biden being senile and approaching dementia. I’ve seen nothing like that. I do think he was the most moderate of all the Dem candidates.

      Interestingly, I used the same frog analogy last year to describe Republicans.

    1. The current House and Senate can’t agree on anything to send to the president, much less override a veto. But Biden has a lot of work ahead of him, just to get us back to where we were four years ago. Sadly, if Republicans continue to hold the Senate, nothing much will get done.

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