Meet Hancock the hypocrite

This is Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. By now you may recognize him because he’s been in the national news this week. Why? Because after nine months of cautioning us about Covid-19 and just 30 minutes after tweeting that we should stay home and not travel for Thanksgiving, he hopped a plane to join his wife and daughter in Mississippi for the holiday.

He said that after careful consideration, he decided it was safer for him to travel to Mississippi than to have his wife and daughter travel to Denver. But there was a third and even safer option, according to his own admonitions to the rest of us — nobody travel.

I was furious when I heard about it, and I’m still fuming. I live less than two miles from my son and grandchildren — and with one exception, I haven’t been with them since March. Hancock said he followed his heart rather than his head. Really? The rest of us don’t have hearts? The rest of us didn’t want to be with our families? The rest of us should wait for next year? At 77, I’m pretty sure I don’t have as many “next years” as he does.

His apology after the fact was meaningless. He had plenty of time beforehand to consider and reconsider his decision, but he had booked his flight a month earlier and traveled anyway. He said he didn’t want to disappoint his daughter, but she told him after he arrived that she would have understood if he hadn’t come, given the circumstances. Apparently she has a greater sense of responsibility than he does.

His current term as mayor runs until mid-2023. Too bad. Time for many more bad decisions. But now he’s quarantining and working from home for 14 days, so I guess that makes everything okay.

14 thoughts on “Meet Hancock the hypocrite

  1. Yep.They always have an excuse – one that makes you feel ashamed or guilty for even questioning them.
    The elites live differently than the little people – and they expect us to sit down, shut up and take it.
    Big bill board with his picture on it and across in big red letters: RECALL.
    But beware. They will hunt you down.

    1. I’m not too crazy about recalls. They are used much too often in this state, just for political payback (most recent example I can think of is some Republicans voting to recall some Dems who authored some stricter gun control). After all, the people voted the person into office in a fair election. But not re-electing someone … that’s the way to do it.

      1. Really? Those are rare here…I don’t even remember one happening.
        As you say, we have a system for correction with voting (Which is why I am a bit annoyed at people getting so nuts about the current and previous Presidential race/election…sometimes you have to learn to work with those/a boss you don’t really agree with/have a personality conflict with…call it character building – learn to deal politely, and just get on with it.).
        Hopefully some can talk some sense into your guy (but doubt it…maybe just assign a reporter to tail him from now on…could be fun!) I understand some 48 small business owners/restaurant owners are standing up in defiance.
        Tough call. People need to work. Most are capable to making decisions for themselves about level of risk.
        This has certainly been quite a year.

        1. There’s a lot of weirdness here, IMHO. Recalls. State budgets and financial policies being made part of the constitution. Amendments to the constitution and/or new laws being put on state ballots with relatively few signatures on a petition, sheriffs refusing to enforce laws they disagree with, etc.

  2. johnthecook…another fine example why a lot of people do not listen to our elected Governmental Leaders. It’s don’t do as they do, do what they say. Some of them are just plain pitiful! On a completely different note, if your children and grand children live a mere TWO miles away from you, call them and suggest to them that they can put a mask on and go to the store for you. Meanwhile you can put a mask on and go to the SAME STORE they will go to. Mission accomplished, you can see your family in person at the store just like everyone else in America has been doing since March 2020. I will NOT let our Government conquer and divide me and my family, and neither should you.

    1. Nope. Going to stores is a major part of the problem here. I have groceries delivered by people who are paid to take that risk. I don’t go out except for the vet or prescriptions, and they are both drive-thru set-ups. Nobody wants Grandma getting sick.

    1. It really wasn’t worth writing about since it’s old news now. I think I’m just venting after months of watching so many people running around without masks and continuing to gather in groups as if they aren’t part of the problem.

  3. He’s not the only one…more and more caught. Like the mayor of Austin who went to a wedding then to Mexico for a beach vacation
    Shoots credibility. Exactly what do they know that they don’t want us to know?
    COVID: better/more effective/less work than ice floes?
    Will be interesting to look back in Feb to see the data results of Thanksgiving and Christmas traveling

    1. Is it any wonder that so many people still think the Covid regulations don’t apply to them? They look to our leaders for an example — and look at what they see.

      I fully intend to still be here in February. I very rarely leave the house and then only with a mask and safe distancing. If you come near me without a mask, it won’t be Covid that flattens you.

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