The expected outcome

8 thoughts on “The expected outcome”

    1. I didn’t watch. I just hope somebody somewhere stops him. If they don’t get him for what he did as president, then maybe the tax lawyers will get him, or the feds for his call to Georgia trying to get them to “find the votes.”

  1. McConnell is a hypocrite. A few days ago he told Republicans to “vote their conscience”. This morning before the trial started he emailed Republicans that he was voting for Acquittal. In his speech after the vote he agreed with the Democrats’ arguments to prove Trump guilty but said it’s unconstitutional to convict a private citizen. Obviously he’s a man who likes to have his cake and eat it too.

      1. johnthecook…Hypocrisy= claiming to have Moral standards to which one’s actions do NOT conform. Both of the Major Political Party’s in America can hang this moniker around their necks!

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