Oh joy, it’s that day again

8 thoughts on “Oh joy, it’s that day again”

  1. Never been much of a fan of Ze Day. Just a day for people who already half-ass their relationships with their romantic partners to look good for once. And that’s probably why the day AFTER Ze Day is when the most divorces are filed every year.

    I’ll be going to the store for Singles Appreciation Day and get some of that half-off heart-shaped candy and crap to fill up my cookie jar.

      1. I meant to say Appreciation, but that works, too (this cold snap is bringing on the migraines quick). If anything, it’s a great inside joke for all the single people out there… and the half-price chocolate’s good for getting you through that “oh so romantic” story your bestie will inevitably tell you about their night with their S.O. over the phone.

        And I think of it as a “not gonna fake it” move, because I remember Ze Day at school when there were the carnation sales. You know even the popular girls bought a few extra for themselves to make them look like they have more friends and admirers. I just like the day after as a “done with the b.s.” day, now that I’m older.

      2. And yes, I’ll admit, I was that “perpetually single girl” in school every time V-Day rolled around. The only thing more annoying in High School was freaking Homecoming (which thanks to those stupid mums made me think of the worst aspects of V-Day and the day before prom all rolled up into one).

        I think I hated it because all the guys I knew were such slackers that when February hit, they were like “oh, crap, I guess i gotta get something nice for my girlfriend.” And then they’d wonder why they rarely had one for long. My only non-single V-day was when I’d turned 18. We were broke and my b.f. used his last free movie rental on me (at an actual video store–yes, I’m getting older) and we split a bag of Hershey kisses while we watched (I had to go to work that night, anyway). It was a blast.

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