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Keeping an eye on eaglets

Egg #1 hatched yesterday. Egg #2 hatched this morning.

Update, April 12: Observers have reported that there is actually only one eaglet in the nest and that it is increasingly unlikely the second egg will hatch.

I’ve been lax about following local wildlife webcams, so I missed the excitement yesterday when a bald eagle was born at the Standley Lake nest in Westminster, Colo. Above, that little gray puffball below the adult’s beak is the eaglet’s head. Two eggs were laid seven weeks ago and the second one, if it’s viable, should hatch in the next couple of days. hatched this morning while I was writing.

I don’t know which of the adults is in the screenshot above, but the female was dubbed “Jolene” last year when she arrived and drove the resident female away from the nest. Of the three eggs left behind, only one hatched, and that chick died in a snowstorm a few days later. Jolene was quite the story at the time.

The Standley Lake Eagle Cam group on Facebook has some 6,500 members, and Google lists several other interest groups focused on these eagles.

The camera was set up in 2017, and sound and night vision were added in 2019.

It takes two. But I can’t tell which is which.


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