Stand fast, Ukraine

17 thoughts on “Stand fast, Ukraine”

  1. My closest neighbor is Ukranian. His entire family is still there. The stories he tells from their first-person accounts in Kyiv and Odessa are sobering. May peace win out, and soon. Great post

  2. I know. I feel the same and I think even most of the Russian population feel the same. Good always beats evil, it’s just that we have to wait until it happens. God bless everyone who’s suffering 😞

    1. It frustrates me that the whole world is watching, praying, demonstrating, etc. And yet the Ukrainians are fighting alone. I understand why NATO isn’t rushing troops into Ukraine. Still …

  3. What frightens me is that Putin will never ever admit defeat. He will destroy his own country financially and emotionally (and physically if it comes to that) in order to take over Ukraine. Putin won’t stop. He won’t. Something else needs to happen but this is the closest I’ll come to hinting at that because I don’t want to be on a hot list and every keystroke watched.

    1. I’m right there with you. I’m very worried about what he will do if faced with defeat. But I’m equally afraid of what will happen if he isn’t stopped and overruns Ukraine.

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