A brief world history quiz

In recent years, in two different countries, unlikely but similar events occurred. Former television personalities with no political experience were elected president of their respective nations.

One of the men had been a reality tv host, the other a comedian and dancer.

One hid in his secret bunker when several hundred of his own citizens held an angry anti-racist demonstration in a nearby park. The other refused evacuation, picked up a rifle, and took to the streets with his people when a foreign army invaded his country.

One became a hero to the world. The other proved to be an inveterate liar and instigator of insurrection.

Can you name these two men? Can you name the hero?

AFP/Getty Images

Hint: The photos are Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, left, and twice-impeached ex-US President You-Know-Who, right.

Banner image: A Russian multiple rocket launcher destroyed by Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv, Ukraine, February 25, 2022.. (Maksin Levin / Reuters)

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    1. I’m not particularly reminded of Al Franken, but I do regret Franken didn’t/couldn’t stand his ground. I’m not surprised, though. Good men have better things to do than wallow in the cesspool that is politics.

      (Sorry I didn’t see this and respond in a timely manner.)

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