What courage looks like

On Twitter this morning:

Energodar is a small city (pop. 53,500 in 2013) in south central Ukraine and the site of a nuclear power plant. It is called the “power capital of Ukraine.”

7 thoughts on “What courage looks like

    1. It certainly would, although since Ukraine is the size of Texas, it would be a long march. It does seem that convoy would be fairly easy to stop just by blowing up the road ahead of it and/or a couple of bridges along its route.

      1. I know it would be a long march, They have cars! Taxi? 🙂 And, I was thinking the same as you, blow up the road(s) ahead of them along with the bridges. No point in saving them, the rest of the country is being blown to hell.

        1. They can always rebuild roads and bridges. I don’t understand the Russians making a sitting target out of that convoy. Since when do tanks have to stick to roads?

    1. And yet some of the Russian soldiers have already shown a reluctance to do so. Even they are questioning Putin’s motives and sanity. I read about one who said Putin had lied to them about their mission in Ukraine.

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