Spring has sprung

At least according to the calendar, spring has officially sprung. That, despite the fact that we in Greater Denver have been warned for several days that we’re getting slapped with more snow tomorrow.

Nevertheless, according to the the doggerel I loved as a child:

Spring has sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder where
The flowers is.

That, or some form of it, is often attributed to Ogden Nash or ee cummings, circa who knows. Some sources say it predates both of them. Whatever.

Meanwhile, I’ve just opened all the windows to the sunny 61° temperature outdoors, which will otherwise send my indoor temp into the high 70s by mid-afternoon. Colorado’s false springs and third winters can take a hike. I’m going to enjoy today for what it is.

Banner photo: Crocus in snow, usually the first hint around here that Spring is imminent.

10 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

    1. As the poem says, “I wonder where the flowers is.” I haven’t seen any yet either, but I don’t get out much. Even less without a dog to walk. And I’ve never had any in my yard.

    1. I just read that one recently. Had never heard it before. I wouldn’t be surprised if it depends on what part of the country you’re raised in, or maybe where your parents were raised.

  1. I’ve never heard that ditty…and I can bark the doggerel…and this post conveys much more feel than the quick deal in the “Reader.” And this was our first winter in three decades with out a puppy dog to mush about and then really appreciate hearth and home. Hope to remedy that come real spring.

    1. The empathy I’m feeling is painful. Lost my Annie last September and have never gotten over it. Trouble is, at almost 79 years of age, I’m having trouble rationalizing the acquisition of another pup. It’s been a miserable six months. Maybe the advent of spring will help.

      1. I can’t imagine how hard and heartbreaking a, new puppy or not, decision tree must be for you. It’s easier for me, being a few years your junior, and with a partner yet sixty, my options are pretty much..go far the bow wow, albeit in a smaller form factor. We’re big dog people. Coda was 105 pounds. I wish I knew how to advice, and I wish we had met Annie. And I hope Spring does gently windfall a solution.

        You may enjoy “High Desert Labradors” on YouTube

        1. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s tough for sure. Don’t quite know how to deal with it. First time I’ve ever denied myself the pleasure of a dog’s company. Never had one as big as Coda, however. That’s a lot of dog! There will never be another Coda, but it sounds like there’s a lucky dog out there somewhere waiting eagerly for your arrival.

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