Go figure

Maybe it was now or never for these two visitors on the summit of Pikes Peak (14,115 ft) this morning. The last day of their Spring Break, perhaps, or the last day of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. It’s anyone’s guess. But what is certain is that they will not be enjoying the highlight of such a visit — breathtaking panoramic views in every direction under a sparkling blue Colorado sky.

I grabbed this screenshot from the summit cameras at 11 am. At that time the temperature at the summit weather station was 17.6°F and the wind speed was 15.5 mph. Not my idea of a great day in the mountains.

I hope for their sake that the Summit House is open. They are going to need the shelter and warmth.

At least they’ve earned bragging rights. They have been to the summit of a Colorado fourteener.

9 thoughts on “Go figure

        1. I’ll bet you didn’t berate the rangers on your way out for their failure to provide the view you wanted. That’s happened up at Rocky, I’m told.

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