One and done

This morning I received both an email and a text informing me that my ballot, dropped into a collection box Thursday afternoon, has been counted. Nice to know, although I was not at all concerned. They even sent me an “I Voted” sticker.

Approaching the collection box, however, several thoughts crossed my mind. Would there be camo-clad, gun-toting, masked men watching the box? Would there be someone there taking pictures of everyone submitting a ballot? I’d heard reports of such intimidation tactics in Arizona.

But I decided that no matter who might be there watching, my ballot was going into that box. And then, if there were any unofficial observers, I was going to pull out my phone and take pictures of them.

Nope. Damn, I’d almost looked forward to a confrontation. (I still wonder if I’d have chickened out and driven on to a different collection box.) The box was free and clear, and all I had to worry about was the rain smearing my signature as I reached for the slot. Flipping the envelope over ensured that wouldn’t happen.

As I pulled away, I looked back and saw two more cars pulling up to the box. Democracy. Working as intended.

Here’s hoping you too have an easy, trouble-free voting experience.

6 thoughts on “One and done

    1. Thanks for the levity. “Nobody” is certainly better than some of the candidates I’m aware of. I’m not sure there’s an election result that will calm the extremists. If they win, they’ll be encouraged. If they lose, they’ll be enraged.

  1. We always vote on Election Day. I like the feeling I get when I go to the polls and cast my ballot surrounded by other voters. A right that I do not take lightly. And the local voting station is just down the street and is never busy, so never have to wait in line. Plus, paper ballots.

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