The one about the dog

After literally months of haunting shelter and rescue websites, looking for the dog I couldn’t resist, I finally brought one home today. He’s a Lab mix, a little the worse for wear. In Texas he was attacked by another dog that tried to make a meal of his face, but he’s healing nicely and the scars will give him a rakish look. Two different sources say he’s either 2 years or 3 years old and about 57 lbs.

This is the first picture of him that I saw. (What dog lover wouldn’t fall for this?) “Happy Warrior,” I thought:

He progressed to this:

And this:

The rescue organization dubbed him “Charlie,” which somehow seems to fit him. But I may change it to something a little less common. (According to this week’s National Dog Show, Charlie is the third most popular male dog name in the country.) Haven’t decided yet. With his beat-up face, “Rocky” might work.

He’s so chill, so laid back, that you have to wonder what he’s been smoking. Which is fine with me. I hope he’s this quiet all night.

Now I have to get back to my Cyber Monday shopping for dog crates, beds, toys, etc.


Dec 1, 2022: Confirming 3 years old (vet’s guess), 58 pounds.

23 thoughts on “The one about the dog

  1. I’m SO HAPPY for you, Susan ! – and how happy is he ?! 😀
    You may (or may not) recall that I believe firmly we must have pets, we old singles: they give us life. Just as we give it to them.
    So on you go. His welfare is your concern .. (apologies to The Hollies..)

    1. I was determined to find a rescue or shelter dog. I got him from a local lab rescue group and met some wonderful folks along the way. However, that’s not my decor. It’s the foster’s very nice apartment. They’d only had him since last Saturday. Poor guy was a stray in Texas just a month ago.

  2. Congratulations! Looks like he’s settling in fine so far. My friend had a dog named Charlie when he was a kid. I kind of like the name, but it is common. I have another long time friend who has named her dogs and cats after either the day of the week or the month they were brought home, so she’s had a Friday, an April, a May, but when she got a cat in November, she named it fluffy.

    1. Yes, even before I finished reading I thought November would be quite a mouthful as a name. Saturday wouldn’t be much better. August or Friday would have been perfect.

  3. First , but of less importance, I was doing some some stupid tech stuff on my site when I received your comment, and before I could respond I dropped the site. Had to use JetPack to restore the site to Sunday early A.M. resulting in losing Sunday’s post, your comment, and likes and such. I’m quickly becoming the old fool. Nothing rakish ’bout me. Which brings the important thing…you and that dude. I’m so happy for the both of you. Two to three years old is perfect. Snap some snapshots. Dish some doggie tales. Have some fun in the snow. And the name you come up with is important, but the nickname he earns will tell the real tale. Regards.

    1. I’m sorry you lost your post. WP seems to get more and more complicated, just as I’m becoming less able to cope with it. When I switched to this theme, dozens of my posts got messed up. I fix them as I find them, but it’s really discouraging. You didn’t lose much as far as my comment went. I mostly just said I was sorry I’d missed some of your posts because you haven’t included a place to subscribe by email (not that I’ve found) and I don’t check the WP Reader that often.

      I think the name Charlie is going to stick. Nothing else seems quite as appropriate and friendly.

  4. As a long time Lab lover and owner, I know you’ve found a true, dedicated friend for life. I’ll bet you’ve already discovered that he will retrieve anything you throw.

    He’s a lucky boy.

    1. I’d forgotten your dogs were labs. Haven’t tried throwing anything yet (I should). He did get to chase one rabbit out of the yard. Whee! Still working on convincing him he can go into the yard without me. Sure feels good to have a dog in the house again!

    1. My last dog was a golden/lab mix and I’d swear she was the best. But Charlie is trying hard to convince me that labs rule. And so far doing a fine job of it.

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