The big orange collar

Are you familiar with the system of color-coded collars and leashes for dogs? I got curious about the conspicuous orange collar that Charlie was wearing when I got him and it seems that, according to the system, an orange collar means the dog is good with people but not other dogs. True in Charlie’s case, since he was attacked by another dog.

Charlie and his big orange collar

However, color-coding might not have been the intent at all. The collar may well have been whatever was on hand that fit. I’m just curious how many dog people are familiar with this system. I live in a cave and had not heard of it. But neither had my vet.

I doubt I’ll stick with the orange unless I’m in a tiny minority. I’ve already ordered a new collar with a pattern I like; I’ll probably end up ordering several, with matching leashes. That’s just what I do. Must be well dressed! Besides, orange is my least favorite color.

So what say you? Are you familiar with this system? Would you know a big orange collar was sending a specific message?

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    1. My son suggested it might be a system used in shelters or similar places where the staff needs to easily know each dog’s temperament. That makes a lot of sense, but the articles I read seemed to indicate it was dog owners in general. The “colour” spelling in the image makes me wonder if maybe it’s more a European thing.

  1. Have never heard about this color coding system. Nor has my Susan , and we are long time dog people. And we’re with you and most likely Charlie, orange is not a good fit. But it seems you’ll soon have that puppy stylin’ ….enjoy y’all.

  2. A new doggo! Awwww! He’s very handsome. I hope you are doing well, Susan!

    And no, I’ve never heard about the color coding system. It would be hard to tell yellow from light yellow, though, unless two dogs were standing next to each other and one had yellow and one had light yellow. I would think it easier for owners of dogs with special requirements to just to get a collar like the ones they use for training K-9s, where there are words on the collar itself, like “DO NOT PET.”

    Anything but those dreadful collars with the spikes on the inside.

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