Here comes winter, again

Screenshot from the TundraCam west of Boulder

Webcams can certainly be informative. About an hour ago the live-streaming TundraCam, perched at 11,600 ft., caught these storm clouds building along the Continental Divide 17 miles west of Boulder., Colo. Forecasters have been warning of as much as two feet of snow in elevations above 6,000 feet, while Denver and points farther east and south are bracing for rain. Drought-stricken southeast Colorado could get as much as two inches of very welcome rain.

8 thoughts on “Here comes winter, again

    1. This one was really fun. I could see those clouds swirling at the bottom and the whole mass moving slowly to the east (left). It left no doubt that the forecasters were right.

    1. It was so much better full screen and live. But you know how it is photographing mountains. What’s spectacular to the naked eye becomes just ho hum in a photo.

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