Stewart v. Guns

I just happened across this video while looking for I-don’t-remember-what. You needn’t watch the exposition that follows Jon Stewart’s one-on-one (which ends at 4:20). Stewart makes his case very succinctly and he can speak for me anytime. Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm (R), a gun advocate, should have known better than to step into the ring with the champ.

10 thoughts on “Stewart v. Guns

  1. Oh, Jon Stewart .. whattaguy !!! What a brain ! What ability to speak clearly !!
    Actually, I was a fan also of BTC’s during the leadup to the Biden election when I was on Twitter and enjoying hugely following hundreds of like-minded people. Which reminds me: whatever happened to those groups of disenchanted Republicans who formed groups that were going to completely revitalise the GOP after the election ???

    1. He’s a one-man army fighting for truth, justice, and the American way (aka Superman). I’m a pretty sorry cheerleader for not following him to Apple TV+. I subscribe to the service but haven’t broken the cable habit.

      If there are organized groups planning to revitalize the GOP, I’ve managed not to hear about them. I wish them well but if they don’t hurry, they won’t have a party left to revitalize.

      1. Imnsho it’s far too late to do anything to that assortment of weirdos, extremists and layabouts who claim to be the Republican party. Same thing happening down here: our conservatives, the Coalition, are dying on their feet: happily, not because of vicious war-mongering though.

  2. Hey. You forgot last year. Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner… Tonight. Sat…April 29. Nerd Prom…Roy Wood Jr. is the comic….his stuff all over Youtube. C-Span usually covers, as well as CNN recently. hope you and puppy are A.OK.

    1. I totally missed the Correspondents Dinner last year, and they are usually full of good stuff. Thanks for the heads’ up on tonight. Pup and I working out great. He’s a sweetie, and seems to think about 8 am is a good time to wake me up. (He’s subtle. Rouses himself, gives a noisy tag-rattling shake or two, then settles to wait for me.) I call that a good compromise. Hope you’ll be getting your own pup before long.

  3. Yay, Jon Stuart!! I am so over these people with twisted justifications and mental health arguments that keep insisting that we should have unlimited access to guns. This is insane, and the events of the last few weeks with several incidents of killings in response to minor incidents shows how utterly unjustifiable unlimited gun access is.

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