There are, I’ve discovered, a number of YouTube channels that produce videos for dogs and cats to watch. And yes, some of them do watch. This channel just happened to be the first one I stumbled across today and, curious, I cast it to my big screen. The sounds alone created a soothing outdoor ambience, but all those critters moving around definitely caught the eye of my cat Rowdy. He’d watch from a distance, creep up close to the screen, watch from there, try vainly to catch a critter, and then leave for a few minutes. But he kept coming back, as if to make sure everything was as he left it. Canine Charlie, on the other hand, remained completely oblivious. I guess you can’t please everybody.


Appearing today were ground squirrels (with the striped faces), chipmunks (the chubby ones), Clark’s nutcrackers (big gray bird with black wings), chickadees (little black-capped birds), flashes of other small birds, and a stuffed bunny dressed in purple. Soundtrack provided by a host of species.

16 thoughts on “Gotcha!

      1. But my deah – you know our minds are in tune ! πŸ™‚ I took Boodie to the vet yesterday and he was praised excessively .. and yet I accepted it with great pleasure. How we love them, and how they reward our love with their own !!

    1. By the time I got this post working right, the birdsong from the video was making me a little crazy. The videographer must live in an aviary!

  1. I haven’t shown any of those to Hershey, but he goes nuts when the woodpeckers attack the siding outside his window. So guess he and Rowdy have those cat minds fine-tuned!

    1. I wonder if Hershey can pick out the woodpecker sounds I hear in parts of this video.
      (Woodpeckers on the siding. Now there’s a maintenance problem I’d never thought of.)

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