Bet you can’t help smiling redux

This is a repost from March 3, 2017. I came across it late last night and once again, for a few minutes, I reveled in the joy within. There is music, and dance, and happiness in the world. It’s just getting harder to find, so we need someone like Matt to remind us every so often.

The backstory on this … a guy named Matt Harding started a video project titled “Where the Hell is Matt?” wherein, as he put it, “I travel all around the world dancing badly with people.” He also co-authored the lyrics. Apparently he made one of these videos every year from 2003 to 2012. This one now has more than 18 million views.

This video is five years old but it was new to me. And it certainly brightened my day. I hope it will brighten yours, too..

Thanks to Zanayda for sharing this.


By the way, you might want to check out the many comments on the original post.

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