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Category: dogs

Border collie games

Saw this on Huffington Post today. It was uploaded to YouTube three years ago, but it’s new to me. I’ve never seen behavior like this with more than two dogs, […]

Guinness 2013 names Tallest Living Dog

Guinness World Records 2013 is available now and these are some of the record-holding animals. That Great Dane is Zeus, the world’s Tallest Living Dog. (Click on any image to […]

Love this commercial

This is my current favorite commercial. I can’t imagine any dog lover not loving it. The product involved, Beneful dog chow, is incidental. It’s all about the dog and the […]

Canine conehead

Yesterday was a long day for me and my BFF (best furry friend) Annie. The tiny nodule on the edge of her right ear might be more than an innocuous […]