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Category: dogs

It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! Who knew? It seems every day is national something-or-other day. Or several somethings. But bubble wrap is a special, tangible something. A superb packing […]

Scared dog at vet's office

Big dogs, big love

With big dogs, as with big people, there’s just more to love. And when a big dog gets scared, say, at the vet’s office, it calls for big sympathy and […]

Denver the guilty lab

Revisiting Denver, the guilty lab

Chances are you’ve seen this video of Denver, the guilty lab. After all, it’s gotten over 18 million hits since it first appeared in March 2011. But on the off […]

Flea circus

(Updated Oct. 13, 2012 at 2 pm MDT) For the last week, my home has been a three-ring flea circus. And I mean that in the most negative way possible. […]