I hope Hewitt is right about Romney

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  1. As a Republican, I’m annoyed and actually pissed off that I can’t find a rightblog who has anything to say about the elephant in the room vis a vis Romney, and “tolerance” of his religion: His “religion”, or cult as I would call it, is racist, sexist, intolerant of all other religions in a VERY offensive and libelous way, teaches old Jewish blood libels as part of its scripture and is oppressive and repressive towards women.

    I know a lot of you secular lefties will say “well, so does the Bible” or “so did the Protestants and Catholics”, but most enlightened religions have come a long way toward ecumenical brotherhood, and no righteous religion condemns others to hell nor teaches slanderous lies about other religions.

    from a great article on a point no conservative has referenced or paid heed to:

    All Christian creeds an abomination? Every follower of an existing denomination corrupt? So much for ecumenical spirit — or even basic religious tolerance. This means, in Mormon doctrine, that the post-apostolic Roman Catholic Church has been apostate during its entire 2,000-year history; the Eastern Orthodox churches that split from Rome in 1054 also were and remain illegitimate; even the various denominations founded by the great Protestant reformers in the 16th century — Martin Luther, Thomas Cranmer, John Calvin, Huldrych Zwingli, Jan Hus — are all null and void.

    This “our way or no way” approach is pretty much unique to Mormons in this day and age. No doubt there remain some hard-liners in the Vatican who still believe Roman Catholicism to be the only “one true church.” But that attitude is most certainly not shared by rank-and-file Catholics in this country, millions of whom have abandoned the church of their upbringing and many of whom have defected to evangelical brands of Christianity. While there are still no doubt some anti-Semitic Christians who believe God doesn’t hear the prayers of Jews, most American Christians today believe that Jews are God’s chosen people and that they will be in heaven.

    I wager that this exclusionary Mormon theology, once widely revealed, will come as a shock to most U.S. Christians, regardless of their particular denominational preference or worship style. This is a country where ecumenism and church shopping have been de rigueur for decades. Christians in our pluralistic society are accustomed to local interfaith councils, interdenominational prayer breakfasts, Shrove Tuesday pancake suppers shared by various denominations, fall harvest dinners that rotate among the church halls of different local denominations. They are accustomed to Lutherans and Presbyterians sharing their church buildings with Korean Methodists and to Episcopalians and Lutherans exchanging ordained clergy.

    I believe that Mormon doctrine on this point, once made plain, will prove equally offensive to modern-day, ecumenical-minded Christians around the world, who in recent times have:

    • Witnessed Pope John Paul II as the first pope to visit a synagogue, meeting in Rome with the grand rabbi and asking for forgiveness from Jews for the persecution and forced conversions of previous centuries. He also called on the grand mufti of Jerusalem on the Temple Mount.

    • Observed several archbishops of Canterbury, spiritual leaders of the church formed by Henry VIII when he unilaterally broke with Rome in the 16th century (and was excommunicated by the pope for his trouble), make pilgrimages to the Vatican to meet with various pontiffs over the past few decades.

    • Watched Pope Benedict XVI pray facing Mecca with an imam at Istanbul’s famed Blue Mosque and meet with the ecumenical patriarch of Eastern Orthodoxy. (For those who don’t know their religious history, after the Great Schism of the Western and Eastern churches in 1054, the pope and patriarch had excommunicated each other.)


    I believe Romney’s cult is not just wrong-headed, but evil, oppressive, intolerant and in fact anti-American. “Tolerating” Mormonism would be akin to tolerating the KKK, Neo-Nazies, Islamic suicide bombers or even Christian zealots who preach hate.

    Someone on the Right needs to stand up and say that Romney is a bigot and a racist and has no place in the Republican party, the party that freed the slaves, that championed the Civil Rights Act when Democrat senators were filibustering it and Democrat Governors were standing in the doorway of schoolhouses to keep out black students.

    I’m disgusted with my own party that Romney is considered a serious candidate, and in fact could game his way into winning the nomination.

    It will wreck the party, millions will leave, millions more will not vote. I myself would work for fucking HILLARY! if Romney is nominated, and I detest Hillary! more than mere words can say.

    Sorry for the long comment, I’m fucking pissed off.

  2. Oh, and the other thing is Mormons are required to believe, and live out, the Bible and the Book of Mormon literally. No enlightened Christian religion does not recognize that mistranslation, political factionalism and just time itself have rendered the Bible merely a source of allegories and parables, not a factual document that anyone but a moron would take literally.

    Yet Mormons do (and yes some Evangelical Christians, they are idiots as well), and his own Book of Mormon contains all the stuff that damns Romney as an intolerant, racist bastard.

  3. As soon as I read his JFK line, I stopped reading through his speech. This speech was not from the heart, it was to win an election. I still think he has no chance of winning.

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